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One of the best and most common questions I get about Spielgaben is about the cost. It is most definitely an investment and most of us don’t have extra money to throw around. I hope this post helps you decide if it is worth the price for you.

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I think my favorite thing is that my children don’t really think of this activity as “school”, they think they’re getting to play, but it really is a wonderful educational tool.

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If you are a playful parenting wanting to help hands on with your child’s education then this is an investment that you can’t afford to miss




  • Parents who do Homeschooling
  • Parents or educators who want to educate their children via play based learning
  • Parents who believe that one on one interaction between parent and child is the best method for child’s early year development but do not know how.


  • Children’s brain already over 90-percent developed by the age of six. After that… children’s brain “wiring” begins to resist change! This is why early educational development starts at home years before he or she enters a classroom.
  • There is no alternate method that can replace the early brain stimulation and development that takes place during the one-on-one, interactive play that takes place between parent and child.
  • This is why we re-engineered SPIELGABEN, arguably the first & most important educational aid ever developed and designed to build the relationship between parents and their children and deliver tangible educational & brain developmental benefits between the ages of 3 and 12.


  • Teaches your child to think deeply about mathematics at an early age Spielgaben gives children a deep, intuitive understanding of the principles of geometry and arithmetic. They will actually understand math instead of just memorizing it.
  • Improves your child’s creativity and thinking skills Playing with Spielgaben helps children think creatively, come up with new ways of expressing their ideas, and thinking for themselves.
  • Enhances natural gifts of your child Spielgaben helps take children’s areas of interest “to the next level.” For example, if a child loves to draw, the Spielgaben encourages him or her to see shapes in nature and apply them to drawing.


Don’t wait another day. Your window of opportunity for increasing your children’s IQ and offering a world of endless opportunity is closing fast. Investing in a young mind isn’t something you can put off until later. Offer your growing children a blessing that will never end.

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What’s Included:
  • 14 sequential Spielgaben sets made of environmentally sustainable and non-toxic children friendly materials.
  • 3 wooden multi-set trays with chessboard lid that stores all of the 13 sets neatly and efficiently and help children pack and unpack effortlessly.
  • Learning Resources : 8 to 12 years worth of learning activities and lessons including full digital format of 4 sets user guides, over 30 sets interactive worksheets, 65 cards and many more…

In short, your child is presented with limitless opportunities for play and learning for many years to come.



Spielgaben 1

The Spielgaben 1 is a collection of 12 soft, woolen balls, two of each. One has a string, the other does not. Using the balls with and without the string provides a child with the opportunity to discover and evaluate different types of movement. The wool is soft & easy to hold. There are no small parts to get lost. The balls are the colour of the rainbow or the colourspectrum.

Spielgaben 2

The Spielgaben 2 box contains two 2-inch cubes, two 2-inch spheres, and two 2- inch cylinders. Rings are attached to one of the sets, allowing the child to suspend the geometric solids from the crossbeam, crossbar and pillars (also included).

Spielgaben 3 – 6

The progression of the series from Spielgaben 2 continues. After exploring objects in Spielgaben 1 and Spielgaben 2, you are now providing more complex tools such as cubes, cuboids, triangular prisms, semi-circular columns, concave parts and concentric rings to make shapes and teach the relationship between a whole and its parts. Watch what your child does with them. You will start finding that your child are developing a strong understanding of how different geometric solids work together to create structures. The math discoveries that Spielgaben 3 – 6 encourages will amaze you.



Spielgaben 7

Spielgaben 7 is made up of seven differently-shaped tablets. You’ll find colourful squares, equilateral triangles, right angle isosceles triangles, scalene triangles, obtuse isosceles triangles, circles, and half circles. Do you know the difference between an equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangle? If you don’t, it is probably because you memorized these terms in high school instead of learning about them through exploration as a young child. While playing with Spielgaben 7, your child will discover that all plane geometric figures can be made from triangles. Your child will learn problem solving and special rotation skills as well as relationship between 3D solids into 2D flat figures.

Spielgaben 9

Inside the Spielgaben 9 box, you will find a collection of rings and semi-rings. The rings come in multiple sizes, so you can choose from small, medium, or large rings in a variety of colours. Using this set, a child has the opportunity to explore full circles and semi circles. Until this point, most of the gifts have introduced straight lines. Children are delighted by the beautiful, complex patterns they can create with Spielgaben 9. By playing with straight and curved lines, you are able to allow your child to explore concepts found in both Euclidean and spherical geometry.

Spielgaben 10B

Spielgaben 10B is a new addition and it is consist of 8 different colors of pegs and strings. Using this set, a child has an opportunity to further develop fine motor skills and complex patterns with a variety of pegs & strings. This set is designed to be used with playboard lid that is also pegboard.



Spielgaben 2B

Spielgaben 2B is a modified version of 2. It contains five different types of solids: the cube, cylinder, sphere, triangular prism, and semi-circular column in 6 different colours. Most of the solids in Spielgaben 2B have holes in the middle. The addition of colours and holes give your child even more possibilities for building. A cylinder can be rotated like a wheel. A cylinder with a hole in it allows you to introduce the concept of the axle.

Spielgaben 8

With the introduction of Spielgaben 8, we move from the plane to the line (sticks). These sticks come in 6 different lengths, which increase in size by increments of 2.5cm. Now, instead of being limited to a triangle with a certain angle, the child can build whatever angle he likes. Let the child explore the flat sides of the sticks and explore the concept of length. These sticks are excellent for teaching measurement. The accompanying guide is full of great ideas for introducing the sticks to your child. Your child will even learn how to use them to make a skeleton.

Spielgaben 10

Spielgaben 10 is the final set, and involves one of the most critical elements of geometry: the point. Spielgaben 10 makes the point tangible. It is real and solid. By placing the point between line segments, the child intuitively understands how a point allows a line to change direction. Use them as counting aids, to play sticks and peas, to create borders or to teach patterning and sequencing. You’ll also find that the small size of the points strengthens eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.



There are 8 to 12 years worth of learning activities and lessons including full colour digital format of 4 sets user guides, over 30 sets interactive worksheets, 65 inspiration cards and many many more…
In short, your child is presented with limitless opportunities for play and learning for many years to come.

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